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Mounting Block

The mounting block; asset or liability? Every time I witness someone using one of these things I get another gray hair, or grey hair if you prefer. If you all want to use the mounting block in such an unsafe fashion, make darn sure you have your helmet on and fastened correctly.

Oh, and make sure you give your horse credit for filling in for you.

Here are some photos for you to ponder.


click on photo to make bigger



The hindquarters are important – setting them up to yield in place.



Proper alignment & spacing – parallel parked.



Improper alignment, balance & spacing. Ready to make the leap?



Holy smoke that is a long stretch – even for me!


Will I make it?



Improperly parked. Balance ok.



Properly parked but not the ideal position for the mounting block.



Parallel parked – properly spaced – good balance.



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Mounting Block


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3 yr old Arab Filly


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